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The King of the Ring tournament used to be an annual event at one time. Hell it was even a PPV event for several years. From 1985 to 2002 it was awesome. Since then WWE has tried (and failed) to bring it back in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2015 but due to a bad build up and poor marketing the tournament has not sparked interest in the fans. For those who might not know, it is a single elimination tournament featuring 16 wrestlers. The tournament has presented great opportunity for young and new talent while also producing mega stars like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Bret “Hitman” Hart and Triple H to name a few. The reason I believe the tournament went away is because the lack of storyline that follows it. Sure the three wrestlers I mentioned earlier took the ball and ran with it but so many others have won the tournament and that’s it. Nothing followed the tournament wins of Brock Lesnar who didn’t really need the win, Sheamus literally no benefit to him winning and the worst winner and most recent winner Wade “Bad News” Barret who doesn’t even work for WWE anymore. Listen, I’m all for bringing back this tournament but give it a purpose. Give the winner a prize other than a goofy cape and crown. Give the winner an Intercontinental title shot or a US title shot. That instantly gives the winning superstar a storyline, more credibility and the fans something to get excited about. Put the semifinal and final matches of the tournament on the Survivors Series PPV with all the others on episodes of Raw or Smackdown which makes it available to both brands. With the IC title on Raw and the US title on SmackDown it’s an interesting and unpredictable spin that also allows us the rare opportunity to see some Raw vs Smackdown matchups. It gives the midcard guys something to do and fight for with potential new feuds. To really stretch out the concept have some qualifying matches a few weeks prior to the tournament on both shows to build some suspense. The King of the Ring was always a fun tournament to watch but this concept could really put it back on the map. I know this is a shorter post but it’s a very simple concept that I hope one day comes true.

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  1. This might be the best concept I have heard of in a long time man. Adding in a guaranteed title shot for the winner makes the tournament feel like a money in the bank for midcard guys. Only change I would make would be have it at the Rumble.


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