Superstar in 60 Seconds – Rusev

We don’t have a lot of time so let’s rock and roll!

Rusev-  Former 2 time United States Champion, Former member of The League of Nations

If you haven’t been paying attention everyday is “Rusev Day”. Rusev burst onto the scene in 2014 and put up an impressive winning streak in route to capturing his first US Championship. Holding the title for 146 days, Rusev suffered his first loss at Wrestlemania 31 to John Cena and lost the title as well. He would regain the title only to lose it again. Since then not much has happened for the bulgarian brute. Now Rusev has paired up with Aiden English as a tag team and they have their sights set on tag team gold.  

Push or No Push- Yes to the push. He is over with the WWE Universe and deserves to be a top tier mid-card guy. He puts on great matches and Aiden English is a good partner for him.

Title or No Title- I would say no title for now. He is over but the tag team division has better options and better storylines right now. I think by mid to late 2018 they could be in position for a title run but maybe not. Depends on booking and crowd reaction I feel.

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